services overview

Alto has been a family owned operation since 1985 and remains that way today. We bring those family values into our daily business lives. With some of the larger carrier networks you are just a number in the system, they know nothing about your shipment, so you waste valuable time bringing them up to speed. With Alto we know your business, you know who your calling and we even know your voice. We build it into our DNA!

Our expert entry and import specialists lead you through the process and get you operational in your importing business quickly. Our process enables your traffic or production departments to have a set of experts on call when they are determining profit projections and more importantly, getting your goods in consumers hands, on schedule.

C-TPAT Services

A strong, reliable and secure supply chain is the cornerstone of successful sourcing operations. Since C-TPAT inception in 2002, Alto has developed and executed a wide range of services designed to address compliance with the U.S. C-TPAT regulations.

consulting Service

Alto Customhouse Brokers has built upon his own expertise, creating a team of talented, knowledgeable professionals. They assist customers with measuring their level of Customs compliance. By conducting a thorough review of international transactions, Alto helps customers improve their bottom line as well. We accomplish this through communication with the finance, tax, purchasing, production, traffic/logistics and other departments within the company.

As a licensed Customs Broker, Alto offers both standard and specialty types of customs clearance, duty drawback programs and specialized documentation services. From filing a bond to organizing cargo delivery, our experts are available to answer your technical questions.

Our computer information network is directly on-line with U.S. Customs. Our National Permit allows us to file your entries nationwide. This capability allows us to monitor your shipments from the time the entry documents are filed to the final delivery of your merchandise.

Our domestic logistics operation offers over the road trucking services via major carriers with our volume discounts as well as individual attention through our network of owner operators.

On a local level our team specializes in both airport and seaport pick up and deliveries in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Let our attentive staff coordinate, dispatch and monitor your shipments from start to finish, providing you with peace of mind and prompt proof of delivery

Many of our customers trust us to provide warehousing and distribution for their merchandise.

From simple storage, distribution, or EDI our team can handle all of your warehousing needs. We work closely with you and your customers to ensure prompt and accurate shipping of your goods and understand the meaning of cancellation dates.